2018 Winter Reading List

Happy Hump Day! I am finally back into my somewhat normal routine, before all the holiday hustle! I am sure I’m not the only one who get (pushed) off their normal routine during this time. But we are now four weeks into the new year and I am almost back on track! Sooo can you […]

Happy 2018

Happy New Year, It’s 2018!!! Lol, yay yay I know I am really late, but that’s ok cuz who gonna check me, lol! Naw, but for real I am late and it is completely okay! If you ever heard of the story about the tortoise and the hare, lol I’m the tortoise of course! After […]

What I’m Watching

Hello and happy Pre-Turkey Day! Although I am an avid reader as you know from these post here and here, I also love to binge watch movies and shows. I watch a load of different things from Crime Documentaries to horror to cooking shows. I thought it would be fun to share What I’m Watching! With […]

How To Unwind After A Stressful Day!

Welcome to another Self Care Sunday. It never fails that I wake up in the best mood and then something happens! While I don’t always let every little thing ruin my mood, somedays it just gets to me more than others. Unfortunately stress is inevitable, dealing with it is something everyone needs to learn.  Whenever I […]

What to Wear on Thanksgiving – Shop your Closet

Welcome to another Financial Friday’s! Today I am going to share how I save even more money during the holiday’s by shopping my closet. As someone with a strict clothing budget, I don’t spend my money frivolously. I always try to utilize what I already have in lue of purchasing new items. Trying to find […]

5 Best Books to Read This Fall

Welcome to another Wild Wednesday’s, today I am going to share with you my fall reading list. As I have mentioned before, I’m an avid reader! Give me a book, a cup of tea, a cozy spot and my heart is content, lol!   One of my goals this year is to read at least […]

5 Tips for Healthy Hair

Hey Ladies! Welcome back for another Mane Monday!  If you don’t already have a hair regimen check out how to make one here! Today I want to share with you my five tips that will keep your hair healthy this fall. Fall is here and with it come unpredictable weather. At least here in Alabama it […]

Productive Fall Morning Routine

Welcome to another Self Care Sunday! With today being the end of Daylight Saving, I tend to be a little more productive in the morning, since I got an extra hour of sleep. Today I want to talk about how to have a Productive Fall Morning Routine. As a full-time working mom my time is […]

How To Budget For Christmas

Welcome back to another Financial Friday’s, today we are going to talk about Christmas. Yes, Christmas, if you have not thought about your Christmas budget, now it the time. The holiday season is stressful enough without having to factor in how to pay for Christmas. Want to reduce the stress and breeze through Christmas then […]

31 Day Declutter Challenge Final Thoughts

Happy 1st day of November and Wild Wednesday! I’m back  to talk about my completion of the 31 Day Declutter Challenge.  I just want to start by saying thank you to everyone who participated and/or rooted me on in this challenge. 31 days is a long time to do any task for a continuous period of […]