5 Reasons Your Hair Won’t Grow

Growing your hair can be rewarding and frustrating at the same time. I have been growing my hair since 2008 and I can say the struggle has been too real! LOL. While I’ve had some set-backs none of them have been major. Everyone wants beautiful long hair, but aren’t willing to do what it takes to achieve it.
A healthy hair journey takes time and dedication. You have to be willing to sacrifice and work for the intended results. Stuck at SL (shoulder length) for many years, I used these 5 tips to get my hair to MBL (middle back length). Apply these tips to all hair types, relaxed or natural.

TIP #1

Your hair is crusty, dry and brittle, lol..just kidding, but forreal dry hair is the main reason you’re  not seeing your growth. Dry hair is the number one cause of split ends, which destroys your hair from the bottom to the top. To help combat dry hair use oils that penetrate your hair, such as coconut, olive, and caster oil. As a result the penetrating oil moisturizes the hair from within and helps make hair less susceptible to damage.

TIP #2

Your frying your hair literally….stay away from heat. Excessive use of heat produces dry hair and split ends as well. I know every one wants silky long hair worthy of a good hair flip, but don’t sacrifice the health of your hair. Heat should be use no more than once a week or less depending on your hair. Limit your use of heat for a while and you will see great results, I promise.

TIP #3

Still holding on to those dry, crusty, fried ends….just let it goooo…. It is recommended to get a trim every three months. Although it can be less or more depending on the health of your hair and how well you care for it. Most people on a hair journey dread getting a trim whether due to bad experience or wanting to keep their length. Trust me trimming those useless ends will make your hair feel and look much healthier. Please don’t fall victim to the long hair fade, that your ends become damaged and see through. Trust me it’s not a good look.


Left- Dec 2015 –Right-July2016 Dead see through ends, not a good look!


After good trim!


TIP #4

Is your moisturizer a fraud…if the first ingredients  is not water, then it just might be.  Water should at least be one of the first four ingredients in your moisturizer.  Avoid products that don’t have water listed in the first four ingredients. Water by far is the best moisturizer for your hair. Daily moisturizers, leave-in conditioners and stylers are often formulated with this in mind, and should be the first items within reach to quickly add moisture to your hair.

TIP #5

Are you washing your hair too much. The scalp produces natural oils that help keep your hair nourished and strong. Washing to much can strip these natural oils from your hair causing your hair to become dry and more susceptible to breakage. As a result you hair won’t grow as efficiently as it should.

In closing taking care of your hair doesn’t have to be hard or stressful. A lot of the tips I mentioned are simply things to be mindful of when taking care of your hair.  Finally if you want to know what my  2017 hair goals are  you can watch the video here. Leave a comment below with your tips for healthy hair and your 2017 hair goals.


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  1. I loved your post! I was just talking to my friend about what I want to do with my hair. I have been stuck at shoulder length relaxed hair for years. I finally realized that dry unmoisturized hair was the culprit. It began to grow. However, I experienced a hair setback last year when I tried to DIY my own crochet braids. Never again!! I’ve almost recovered the length from that episode. Grr! I’m praying this year for no hair setbacks and that I finally get past my shoulder. My goal: arm pit length hair!!

    1. Thank you! I have had set-back as well. Remember to learn from your mistakes and do better in the future. Best of luck on reaching arm pit length, you can do it.

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