How to Style Leggings in the Workplace

A lot of people argue that wearing leggings is not appropriate in the work place. Some companies have gone as far as banning them from the office.  This comes as no surprise  because  some individuals  just don’t know how to wear them.

Here are some tips to review before you wear leggings to work.

Tip # 1- Leggings are not for the conservative work place.

If you work in a super conservative environment, leggings are not appropriate. Conservative work places typically require tailored clothing such as suit, separates and modest dresses. This is not the place where legging would be appropriate, unless you have a casual Friday.  But, err on the side of caution and observe what other are wearing and follow suit.

Tip #2- Choose your leggings wisely

Not all legging are made equal. Make sure your leggings are superior quality.  For work choose a pair of legging that are thicker and look more like pants.  Nothing is worse than a pair of cheap leggings that shows your skin through the fabric. These leggings are too thin to wear one there own to work, pair these types of leggings with dress.

Tip #3- Choose the correct sized leggings.

I know your think leggings are one size fit all. When they first came out this was the case, but now legging come in different sizes.  When trying on leggings make sure you bend and stretch in them, make sure they aren’t so tight that your skins shows through.

 Rule# 4-Wear your leggings in a professional manner.

Legging should never have the appearance of being  too worn or have holes. As I mention earlier look for legging that have the appearance of pants. If they look like true legging, they make sure you wear a long tunic or sweater to cover your bum.  As a rule of thumb, if you can see your underwear or your skin through the leggings, wear a top, or cardigan that is long enough to cover your bum.

In conclusion, as an adult working in a professional environment corporations and businesses should not have to spend time policing your attire. Most employees make common sense errors when choosing their outfits. All it takes is one bad apple to spoil it for everyone. Don’t be that apple, please.

Below I show you how I styled my leggings to wear to work.

Shirt-Thrifted-(similar) l Sweater-(Cynthia Rowley-(similar) l Pants- Liverpool Jean Company l Shoes- BCBG Generation- (similar) l Coat-Thrifted- (similar)

What is your opinion on wearing leggings in the workplace? Leave a comment below.

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  1. OK when i first read your title I wasn’t on board, but I think it’s also the type of leggings you wear. Yours are cute and they look thicker than the ones I would wear on a weekend lounge day. Great post!

  2. I really like this look, it looks really minimalistic! Regarding wearing leggings to work, I’ve only worn them under skirts or dresses. Your tips are spot on…but as you mentioned, some people just don’t know how to wear them.

  3. I laughed when you made mention of wearing cheap leggings that show your skin through. I love wearing leggings, and I always look out for good quality ones. I like the way you match yours with the coat. Beautiful!

  4. Oh gosh, I feel like leggings in the workplace is a MUST for me. I’m a special education teacher so I’m constantly moving and running around and if I’m not comfortable, there’s no way I could do my job! Haha 🙂

  5. Wow, I had no idea these were even leggings. I do like these.

    I rarely wear leggings just because I personally feel odd in them, but other people always look fabulous. I mainly stick to jeans or nicer pants.

  6. I rarely wear leggings because of our humid weather. But I do wear during a bit colder season.

    I lovr your jackets!

  7. I, too, was in shock that these were leggings. The spectrum is wide! I work in a middle school and I’m quite shapely (wink wink) so I stay away from them but if I worked in a building with a bit of a looser culture, I’d definitely give it a try.

  8. Omg I would’ve never even known those were leggings. Good job. I’ve had my fair share of failed attempts of wearing leggings to work and these tips are much needed.

  9. Those are cute leggings! Actually, I thought they were regular “businessy” style straight leg pants (sorry I don’t know fashion terms!!). Great tips.

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