New Year, Bigger Dreams!

A new year gives me 365 chances to work towards my dreams. Every year I dream of all the things I want to do, places to go and adventures to have! But, like most people I don’t always get to accomplish all of them. This year, I vow to not go another year without working toward my dreams. Last year, I was able to start my dream of traveling more and having greater adventures, but some health issues prevented me from doing more.  I will go into that further in another post.

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2017 is MY YEAR!!  I am dreaming much bigger and I can tell this is going to be my best year yet. I have so much planned and I can’t wait to get started.  With that being said here are my goals/dreams for 2017!


This can be a struggle for everyone, it seems the more you try to save the less you have. This year I will be saving money by any means necessary, yes it is that deep! If I have to work more hours, take my lunch to work, cut down on my thrift store shopping sprees, lol, whatever it takes. To achieve my goals/dreams I must be smarter with my money.


Consistency is the number one reason most people fail at whatever they inspire to do. I started the journey to consistency last year, with regards to my YouTube channel.  That has worked out very well, but this year I need it to spill over into my personal life as well. I am very inconsistent to the point I should be ashamed at not doing the simplest things every day. Let’s just say this is a work in progress for sure.


This is the biggest struggle for me in my personal life. When I am at home, I mismanage my time to the point of embarrassment. I put off, procrastinate and just plain ignore all types of responsibilities. Not just things I have to get done, but thing I want to do just for fun.  I’m thinking about creating a super simple schedule for when I get home and trying it out for 30 days. According to Google it takes 21 days to form a habit, but even that is being disputed to 66 day. So I have decided to meet almost half way with 30 and see how it goes! Wish me luck! Here’s to being more productive in 2017!


Singing “I’m leaving on a jet plane don’t know when I’ll be back again”!!! Traveling has been a long time dream of mine. I have been trying to travel for the past 3-4 years and it never seems to work out! But in 2017, it is going to happen, no more excuses about money or time! Cutting down on all non-essential expenses to save a nest egg for travel, is a must. Applying for a passport for international travel is on the to-do list. I am super excited to say I have already booked my first trip for May of this year. NEW YORK city here I come!


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  1. This post was amazing and definitely needed. My goals for 2017 are pretty similar to yours, actually. I want to eliminate a lot of the struggle that was a part of my life last year. I want to be consistent with my writing. I want to challenge myself. I want to travel more. I want to have more money in my wallet and bank account!

    1. Thanks Audrey. Yes, I think most of the goals I listed are similar to a lot of others, and makes it super relatable. Good luck with your goes this year, wishing you the best.

  2. Hey Keoshia,

    You’ve set some nice goals. I definitely know I need to work on my consistency and time management this year because me lacking in those departments is usually what holds me back. I hope you accomplish all of these!

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