New Orleans Girls Trip l Packing Tips

Happy Friday I am super exited to start my weekend early. Me and the girls are headed to New Orleans this morning! Let me tell you I had a hard time trying to figure what to wear. Traveling to a new city when the weather is hot and cold literally can be a challenge. 

While researching I found some great tips on how to pack when your unsure of the weather. Check them out below.

Tips for Packing

  1. Brainstorm-Write down outfit ideas for your trip in the days and weeks leading up to your trip. Use inspiration photos and fashion blogs to get fresh new ideas.
  2. Check the weather- make sure you check the weather. Use a weather app on you phone or accuweather is one of my favorite.
  3. Pack with layering in mind-when you are unsure of weather conditions where your going pack clothing that you can layer.  This will make it easy for you to remove or add layers when the weather changes.
  4. Pack full outfits-To ensure that  you don’t pack items you won’t use, try your outfits on first. This method is great because it is a huge space saver as you will only pack items you need.
  5. Reuse clothing– Try not to pack anything that can’t be worn twice, even on a short trip. Try to challenge yourself to re-wear some items more than once.

Because we’re traveling to New Orleans in late winter early spring layering will be a must for me, since the days can be quite warm and nights not so much. The weather does tend to change frequently, so I will be prepared for shifts in temperature and local conditions. Along with that I’ll be bringing comfortable walking shoes, as we will be walking alot.

One of the hardest parts of visiting a new city is deciding what clothes to pack; don’t you wish you had someone to tell you what to bring and what to leave at home?

Hope these tips were helpful! Have a wonderful weekend and see you back here on Monday…off to New Orleans

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  1. New Orleans is my most favorite place on earth. The people, the food, the culture, the atmosphere! Love it. Excellent packing tips. I will keep these in mind for my next trip

  2. #4 is a great tip! Helps you to not over pack. And if you’re like me, it helps with last minute shopping. I’ve gone on a trip and had to go shopping 🤦🏾‍♀️

  3. Great tips! I totally agree about packing things you can wear more than once and layering! I hope you had a great time in NOLA! It is one of the places I hope to visit one day.

  4. Love these packing tips. I have come to layers myself and reusing clothing since I travel for long periods of time and I use only a carry-on.

  5. I think it’s easier when you are traveling by car. You can always take another rain jacket etc and just keep it in the car in case. With a motorbike or train it might be difficult. Thanks for your great tips!

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