How to Save Money with Spare Change!

Happy March 1st & Hump Day! Another month is gone, how time is flying. Last month was amazing, thanks so much for all your comment and encouraging words on My Personal Debt Story & How to Create budget post.  As I mention budgeting is going to be major part of my life in 2017. It will help me save money and become more money conscious.

I am one of those people who hates spending or dealing with change, lol! Whenever I go to a store and they give me change back I save it. I put change in all kinds of places, in the side of my door in the car, in the pockets or bottom of my purse, in my arm rest and other places.

About once a week I gather all of the change from my various storage places and place it all in one location, which is a plastic coin jar on my dresser. I have been doing this for a while and I’ve cashed in my jar about 5 times.

To get started you will need some kind of container any size to hold your coins, make sure it is something sturdy enough to hold the weight of the coins. Containers filled with coins can get pretty heavy.


  1. Choose how long you will save your change and what will you do with it once you’ve cashed it in. I usually save my change until my jar is full.  
  2. Decide what you are saving your change for. This will motivate you from spending your change.  Use the change to pay for thing you usually don’t do. Such as, Shopping, going out to eat or treating yourself by getting your hair or nails done. 
  3. Don’t be disappointed if you don’t have a large sum of money the first time you cash in your change. As you continue you will save more and more. If your still not satisfied with your total savings, you may want get a bigger jar or save for a longer period of time.
  4. When cashing in your change make sure you use coin wrappers. This will make it easier to spend or deposit your change into your bank account. Pick up coin wrapper at your local dollars stores (Dollar Tree, Fred’s, Dollar General, etc…)

So how much money can you save? It depends on how long you save and the size of your jar. For example the Sharper Image Coin Jar  pictured above once full cashed out to about $150 dollars! So save that change!

 So have I changed your views on spare change? Will you be saving change in the future? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Oh I have one of these and it’s getting full! But change is always hanging around the house so I probably need to get another one of these!

  2. I LOVE that bank!! We have saved so much money just storing away pocket change. The past time we took in a large pickle jar of just pennies, we ended up with almost $30.00!

  3. That’s such a nice little home bank. I remember taking all the spare change from people for my piggy bank when I was a child and this post is such a nice reminder that you can do it even when you’re an adult! I think it’s inspired me to keep a track of those little pennies that disappear into my sofa’s void.

  4. Money is money. I never have enough change to gather like that. But hubby does what you do on a jar by his night stand. From time to time I’ll help him wrap it. You never think it’s that much but it is.

  5. This is a good idea. I typically don’t use cash to buy things. I use my credit card which I pay off in full each month. For the few times when I have change I use it in the self checkout lane at the grocery store to pay down the total and then use my credit card for the rest.

  6. These are great tips. I’m working on my student loan debt and should be done this MAY! I normally use my debit card for everything so don’t deal with change – but I do want to make a shift to using more cash and when I do ill keep all this in mind.

    All the best girl.

  7. Good Advice. I do this for my granddaughter. She has an Education Account I set up, but I still save all my change in a big jar.

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