Financial Friday’s: How To Save Money on Your Grocery Budget

Welcome to the first installment of Financial Friday’s! In this series I will be giving you tips and tricks on how to manage and maximize your money. I have been budget for awhile and I think I have made great strides. I get a lot of question about my budgeting habits and how I have come so far so fast. You will be surprised how many people ask me why I need a budget or why budgeting is so important. Shocking I know, but hey everyone has to start somewhere, so I am hear to answer those questions for you!

I recently posted a video on how I can spend $200 a month on groceries for a family of 4! A big stretch I know, but everyone circumstances are different.  You will need to determine your monthly grocery budget based off your household.  I give tips and tricks on how I stretch my grocery budget to feed my family well and not just soups and sandwiches, lol! So, let get into the tips that will help you cut your grocery budget!!

5 Tips to Save Money on Groceries

  1. Track you grocery spending– track your grocery spending for 1-2 months in advance. This will help you determine what your staples items are! Staple items are things that show up on all or a majority of you grocery shopping trips. These are thing that you will need to have on hand at all times as you use them the most. This will also determine what your family’s favorite meals and aid in creating your meal plans.
  2. Shop in Bulk– If you can shop for your staple items in bulk, this will save you a lot of money. Shop for item such as meats, can good, frozen veggies in bulk! This will aide you in dropping your   grocery bill fast.
  3. Shop your Kitchen/Pantry-before deciding on what your are going to eat for the week or month, shop your Kitchen. I was able to only spend $100 on month just by shopping my kitchen and making meals based off items I had on hand. While you may not save this much money every month it can save you at least $30-$40 a month using this technique!
  4. Plan Ahead-  Meal Planning is something I am new at, but I must say it has help me tremendously. I have been able to stretch my monthly budget and enjoy new and exciting foods while at it. Meal planning has help me to stop wasting money on foods we don’t eat. Before you plan your weekly menu, check the ads to see what’s on sale and use coupons to take advantage of sales and money-saving coupons.
  5. Detailed Shopping List-creating a detailed shopping list is must! If you are meal planning you do not want to leave without any of your key ingredients. This can be a major pain in the a** if you are all ready to cook and don’t have all the ingredients. This can also cause you to buy more ingredients then you need! For example: You need a marinara sauce for mini pizza’s, spaghetti and stuffed shells. You won’t necessary need 3 jars of marinara sauces, based on your family size, you may only need 2 jars saving use an extra $2! $2 Doesn’t seem like a lot right until you have discovered you’ve done this with all your recipes and now your over budget, UGHH right!

In conclusion when grocery shopping you have to plan and strategize just like you would with anything else. While this may seem a little tedious it will save you so much money in the long run! So as an added bonus I am including a link where you can download and utilize my grocery spreadsheet if you would like. Please make sure to watch the video associated with the sheet as well so you can understand how to use it, I will link it below as well! So will you start meal planning?? Do you think this spreadsheet will make it easier for you? Leave a comment below!

Make sure to Click Here to access the spreadsheet  ———–>      CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD

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  1. As someone who goes to the grocery store several times a week, this was a great read for me. I definitely need to shop my own kitchen/pantry more!

  2. Thank you for this! I always am looking for ways to save money. I am impressed with $200 a month for a family of 4. We spend $200 a week on groceries for a family of 4.

  3. Planning is important and saving happens when you dig deep into details .. Right way to list out everything and this habit will help you in every domain of life

  4. These are some great tips to save on grocery shopping. You are right if we plan properly we can not only save money but also avoid buying things we don’t need.

  5. great tips. I try to shop in bulk whenever possible because it does really save you so much money, the only problem I run in with that is storage. 🙁 save some, lose some.

  6. These are good tips. I think when yo9u actually write it down, use these tips and shop in bulk, you then begin to realise how much can be saved!

  7. These are very useful tips. I really need this. If i go to the store with the aim of spending just £5, i end up spending £30 on things i don’t really need at the moment. thanks for sharing

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