Mane Monday: Creating A Custom Hair Regimen

Welcome back to Mane Monday! Last week we talked about How To Start a Healthy Hair Journey  and one of the steps to a healthy hair journey is to have plan. That plan is called a Hair Regimen and it consist of a  schedule of hair practices you will choose to adopt! While regimens can become complex I am going to start you off with five simple steps. When you first start an healthy hair journey it can be a bit overwhelming and hard to figure out where to start. No worry’s I’m here to help, so let’s get started.Before we get started, this post is in no way sponsored. The products I am mention are what I have used for years on my healthy hair journey. The products I mention are excellent for all hair types not just relaxed. Now that that’s out of they way, let’s move onto the steps.

5 steps to Creating A Custom Hair Regimen

  1. Deep Conditioning

    Now, I know you are like why is deep conditioning the first step? Traditionally people deep condition after they shampoo and while this works for most people it doesn’t work for all. My hair loves to be deep conditioned before I shampoo. I retain more of the goodness it has to offer when I do it this way. By no means do you have to change what your doing.  But if you notice your deep conditioning doesn’t seem to be effective, then give this a try. Personally I like to make my own deep conditioner, but there are plenty of pre-made conditioners as well. Pictured below is what I use to make my deep conditioner, but you can use any products you choose.

  2. Shampoo/Condition

    If you don’t deep condition on dry hair then this will be your first step. Choosing the correct shampoo and conditioner can take time. Pick a set and use it about 30-90 days before making a decision on whether you it is beneficial to your hair. If not move on to another product you would like to try. Remember to only try a few products at a time, as I stated in my last post, don’t become a product junkie. If you have damaged hair from, relaxer, coloring or other chemical treatments great products to start out with are Aphogee hair products. I love there shampoos and conditioners, I am personally using the two pictured below. They do have a set for damaged hair, so look out for them on your next beauty store run. 

  3. Moisturize/Strengthen

    The next step is to either moisturize or strengthen your hair. This step for me depends on how I am going to be styling my hair. I like to strengthen most of the time due to my hair being chemically treated. I find using light protein products can do wonders for the hair. Do test your hair to make sure it is not protein sensitive as too much protein will damage the hair. My current two favorites are also Aphogee products! The ProVitamin Leave-in conditioner and the Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer. Both products are amazing!

  4. Serum/Heat Protectent

    The next step in the regimen process is to protect your hair from heat damage and combat frizz. I have one main serum/heat protectent that I prefer and that is Chi Silk Infusion. Getting this product has been a struggle as it has gained so much popularity it has almost double in price. I’ve had this 6oz bottle for over two years, this should let you know a little goes a long way. I also love the Design Essentials Silk Essentials and of course Biosilk Silk Therapy. Notice how they all have silk in there, lol. These products are amazing and give you a sleek and silky finish.

  5. Styling

    The last and final step is styling. Styling is where you can be creative and come up with new ways to wear your hair. Some tools you will need are blow dryer/hooded dryer, paddle brush, rollers, flat iron, flexirods, wide tooth comb, bobby pin, etc. I use these tools for all of my styling needs, so experiment and have fun. Not all styles will come out perfect each time, but practice makes perfect.

I hope the you have found the information helpful. These steps can be use as a template to build your own hair regimen. Do you currently have a hair regimen, leave a comment below!

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  1. I’ll keep this in mind. Normally I just grab whatever shampoo is on sale. But I should probably stick to a brand that really works for my hair. I rarely style it though. It usually just get tossed into a ponytail. Out of the way.

  2. I sort of have a hair regime where I do a hair mask to deep condition once a week before my regular shampoo and conditioner. And then I always use a heat protectant any time I’m styling. I have blonde highlights so I’m always trying to protect my hair from extra damage and keep it hydrated.

  3. I do have a hair care regimen but it took a while to develop! My hair would get oily very quickly but I’ve been able to slowly train it to only needing a wash every few days. Heat protectant and salon quality shampoo is a must for my brightly dyed hair.

  4. i don’t really have a regular hair regiment since my hair is so simple to work with. I’ll keep this in mind next time I’m buying shampoo and might change it up a bit.

  5. I also do these hair routine and makes my hair healthier, stronger strands, shinier, and more manageable. That’s the reason I rarely visits hair salons, unless I need a haircut.

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