Financial Friday’s: How to Travel on A Budget

Welcome to another Financial Friday! As you guys know one of my goals this year was to travel more. I know when your on a financial journey that can seem almost impossible!! I believe that traveling is something everyone should strive to make apart of their lives no matter their budget. So far, this year I have been to New Orleans and New York, and all while on a strick budget!  Here’s how  I planned some amazing trips while still on a financial journey. 

Your can travel anywhere as along as as your are creative and flexible about how you travel. So, let get into the tips!

 5 Tips to Traveling on A Budget

  1. Start a travel fund-this is money you will put aside every month in a jar, saving account or cash envelope in order to pay for the trips you plan to take through out the year. You can start this fund as earlier as you would like. I recommend starting this fund a year before you want to start traveling to give yourself time to build up a hefty travel fund.
  2. Be Flexible with your lodging-depending on where you are staying lodging can become very expensive. Try to stay with a friend or Family member who live in or near the city your visiting. If that’s not possible, save money by visiting lodging websites like, and On another note, make sure you always do your research and check reviews before booking on these sites.
  3. Plan destinations based on flight prices-by far, this can be the single most expensive purchase of your trip. I suggest making a travel bucket list. Travel to your bucket list destinations when flight are reasonable. I know sometimes we want to go to certain places at certain times, but traveling around flight prices can save you a lot of money. Frequent websites like, and to find the best deals.
  4. Determine Your Budget for each destination– Depending on where you are going your budget will be different for each destinations. A quick weekend trip to New Orleans will be much cheaper then a week long trip to New York. So when creating your budget keep this in mind. Also make sure you are realistic with your  budget. You can’t go on a New York trip and spend only $100, lol.
  5. Do your research-research the city or sites you will be traveling to. Often times you will spend more money because you didn’t research local attractions, activities and places. Planning your activities can help determine cost and what transportation you will need. Try choosing activities within walking distance, as this will save on transportation. If your chosen activities are farther away, take transportation to a central location and walk to see the surrounding attractions or activities in that area.In conclusion do get discouraged thinking that you can’t have a life when you are on a tight budget. As I always say you just have to plan and anything is possible. Now if you choose to not travel until your finish your financial goals then that ok, but for me I still want to live and enjoy life to the fullest while working towards financial freedom!


I would love to hear  your views on traveling while on a financial journey, leave a comment below!

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  1. Great tips! I totally agree with researching where you’ll be traveling. I typically get a list of restaurant options that fit my budget as well as places to visit.

    I haven’t tried this, but one of my co-workers says he’s able to travel a lot more because he saves money buying his plane tickets and booking hotel stays through ebates. He gets cash back on the purchases and then can use that cash back for future trips.

  2. These are great tips, I follow mostly all of them and tell my friends them all the time. I love the one about going to places where the flights are cheap. I’ve ended up in wacky places in a wacky time of year because the flight was cheap. But I dressed well, put my game face on, and saved some money!

  3. Lodging and getting the destination basis the discounted flight tickets/sale period is what we focus on our travels. As these two are the major Cost factors for travel. Good tips here!

  4. Great tips ! I totally agree with the research work where you’ll be traveling. Planning your activities definitively helps to determine cost and what transportation you will need!

  5. Lovely tips! You can also join to a home exchange community so you can avail free accommodation while abroad. Or do volunteet works in exchange of stay.

  6. I think that I follow all of these tips when it comes to traveling. I am a travel addict and I would rather go and visit many places rather than have one luxury holiday.

  7. These are great tips! As someone who travels a ton I’m always looking for a way to save while seeing the world!

  8. I found your tip #3 very interesting. Most of the time people choose a destination, and then plan the trip. Even though your tip seems to be backward, it makes perfect sense to me. I love it!

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