Mane Monday’s : How To Start a Healthy Hair Journey

Hi everyone welcome to my first Mane Monday’s. This series will teach you all about taking caring of your hair at home. I will give you tips on styling, caring for and growing your hair, all in the comfort of you own home.  For a little back story on my hair, I have been relaxed since I can remember. I’ve had a very hard time growing my hair past shoulder length!

I use to rely on other people to take care of my hair, but not anymore! So in 2008, I said enough and started learning how to maintain and care for my own hair. And I must say I will never go back to being salon depend again! I get a lot of question from my subscriber, readers,  family and friends on how I can grow my hair soo long and healthy. So, I am here to share with those who are willing to learn!

Now that is not to say I never visit salons, cuz that would be a untrue. I visit the salon quarterly to receive a good trim. Taking care of your own hair can be hard and sometimes overwhelming, but I promise it will be so worth it in the end. I am assuming you here because you would like to start taking care of your own hair. How to start is the first and most difficult steps. I’m going to make it simple for you, just following these 5 steps!

5 Steps to Start a Healthy Hair Journey

  1. Cut Your Hair

    What the heck, cut my hair, yes ma’am cut those raggity dry and brittle ends off NOW!! I know this can seem scary when you are trying to grow your hair, but I promise if you follow these step length will come! If you are like most women and are consistently coloring, chemical treating and excessively heat styling your hair, then most likely you have split ends. Forget what you heard about being able to mend split ends! The truth is splits ends can not be mended or reversed and are damage beyond repair! So, let them go and cut your hair.  Holding on to them will cause you to damage your hair more and will result in a cut your hair anyway. So, just do it now and save yourself the heartache, you hair will thank you later, I promise.

  2. Determine Your Hair Type

    Knowing you hair type is a must for achieving and maintaining healthy hair. While some believe this step is not needed, but I beg to differ. When you know your hair type, you will learn what to expect from it. We often look to others and wonder why our hair doesn’t look, feel or move the why theirs does, and it all due to the different  hair types. This is common among hair care products, working differently for different hair types. It important to know your hair’s limitations so you don’t adopt hair care practices, that could further damage your hair.

  3. Create a Custom Hair Regimen

    When you’re trying to grow your hair, goals are a great start, but it not enough to obtain healthy hair. Like most goals, you must have  plan to achieve them. This plan is called a hair regimen and it is your road map to healthy hair. A regimen is a a schedule of hair practices you will choose to adopt and what product you will use to reach your goals.  While your regimen can be as complex as you need, at minimum you will need to include cleansing, condition/deep conditioning, moisturizing, protection and strengthening.  Just remember to start with a  simple regimen and avoid becoming as the hair community calls them a “Product Junkie”. The process of creating a hair regimen will come with a lot of trial and errors. Just know you will master it, so don’t get discouraged.

  4. Avoid becoming a “Product Junkie”

    This is the number one killer of hair regimen and the reason you  money will fly from your pockets like they have a whole in them, lol!! When looking for products it can become very tempting to grab every product that others say you can’t live without. I warn you now DON’T do it. Although you will need to try several products before you find the right ones for your hair type, you don’t want to buy a ton at one time. Doing this can lead to finding out half of them don’t work for your hair, and that is money wasted.

    I recommend trying one product at a time from each category above, for at least 90 days. After that time if you find the product is not working or causing more harm then good, try another product. Continue this process until you find what I call your “Staple Products”. Staple products are your holy grail items that make  your hair thrive and gives you amazing results. It will take several failed attempts for this step, but it will help you learn what products will and won’t work for you hair.

  5. Be Patient and Consistent

    Healthy hair does not come over night! Don’t think your are going to be starting a regimen on the 1st and reach your goals on the 31st, lol! While this maybe harsh, some people really believe that it work this way, there is no quick fix for unhealthy and damaged hair, period! On you’re quest for healthy hair you have to be super patient and wait. Yes, wait!  Your hair is going to grow no matter what you do, but a hair regimen will make sure it healthy and damage free.

In closing, after taking care of my own hair for almost a decade, I have had my hard times. Caring for your hair is a lifestyle change, just like, dieting, budgeting, etc. You will have to try a process and adjust/tweak it according to your needs or desired results. Are you on a healthy hair journey or do you plan to start one soon? Leave a comment below!

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  1. The point 5, “be patient and consistent” is a vary important one ! There is nothing that will make your grow faster. Absolutely nothing. All we can do on the quest for long hair is preserve our strands by giving them tender love and care and wait 😉

  2. wow! Serious hair envy! So sleek and beautiful! I have very long red hair and they get so frizzy and tangled during the day. Hair oils have saved me!

  3. Wow it looks like your hair has improved so much since that September picture! I love the tips. I agree to avoid becoming a
    Product junkie. I used to be like that, I get almost all products they have advertise and try them so I end up trying and trying and damaging my hair. I agree, just stick to a product or two… and wait for the results. I like natural products too

  4. #1 is so true! My hair looks so much better after a fresh trim. I swear my hair improved so much when I started scheduling regular cuts instead of just going when I could tell I needed one. Still working on not being a product junkie though…

  5. Definitely can say and agree that lessening the products used on my hair has definitely helped it A TON! For the longest time, I always had my hair dyed and I’d use hairspray and such… since stopping, I’ve noticed a huge change 🙂

  6. Fantastic tips! I’m a natural too and started my natural hair journey in 2014 and never looked back! Keep educating the masses and sharing your journey! Love your hair💝

  7. YES! Practical tips people can actually use, thank you! I’m on a bit of a hair journey myself, trying to get it healthy. And like you, I’m trying to be less dependent on my hair dresser. Pinned for future reference, thanks!

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