Wild Wednesday’s : Why You Should Participate In Twitter Chats!

Welcome to my first installment of Wild Wednesday’s, this is the day where I can post anything I want! Unlike my dedicated post to Hair and Financial here is were I post any and everything in between.  So for my first installment, let talk about my new obsession Twitter Chats!! Did you know you can tweet in real-time with hundreds of other people at the same time? Anyone who has a twitter account knows that millions of people share tweets on the site or app everyday. I was one of those people. I happened to stumble on to a twitter chat by accident a couple of weeks ago and I must say I had a great time.

There are many types of twitter chats for all types of blogger, YouTubers and even Disney lovers, lol. I was quite overwhelmed with all the tweets and retweets I was getting, my notification were blowing up. I think after the chat I had 100 emails of notification, I usually only get like 5 emails a day so it was shocking. So let me share with you some of the things I learned.

You may ask how does a twitter chat work? Every twitter chat has a dedicated hashtag that is for that particular twitter chat. This will allow all of the participants to click the hashtag and see all of the tweets from the other participants. There can be 1 or more host for the twitter chat who will welcome participants and moderate the discussion. These chats usually last for about an hour and happen weekly and sometimes monthly.

Before you run off and participate in a twitter, let me share the chat etiquette with you.

  1. Follow the rules. The host will usually start the chat off with the rules or they will be pinned to the twitter account. It will also include the topic of discussion for that particular chat.
  2. Always be polite and courteous to other participants. Not everyone will agree on answers to the questions on the topic, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. If you must disagree do it respectfully.
  3. If you have a lot of followers on twitter you want to may want warn them that your feed is about have an unusual high number of tweets for the next hour or so. This will keep your followers from unfollowing you.
  4. When answering questions make sure to follow this format. When you answer a question which will be labeled (Q1) make sure to use the label (A1) when answering.
  5. Do not get off topic, if you do, make it a separate discussion between you and the other person/persons
  6. Make sure you use the designated hashtag on all your related tweets

And last but not least the benefits of participating.

  1. It is a way to share your thought and insight about specific topics with the other people who share your same interest.
  2. It a great way to network and make connection with other bloggers, YouTubers and gain followers.
  3. After the chat you can follow the host to make sure you are there for the next twitter chat
  4. It allows you to discover new channel, bloggers and form a connection with the participants on an individual level.

I personally have interacted with and discovers a number of beautiful blogger and YouTubers, gained a number of valuable followers as well and learned a lot from the participates as well! So where do I like to twitter chat? Finally, here are a couple of my current favorites:

  1. The Girl Gang on Mondays at 6:00 pm GMT #TheGirlGang by @dorkfaceblog
  2.  US Bloggers on Mondays at 3:00 pm PST/ 6:00 pm EST #USBloggerChat by @USBlogChat
  3. Blogs Do It Better on Mondays 7pm-*pm at 8:00 pm GMT and Fridays 8pm-9pm GMT #BDIB by @BDIB
  4. Brown Beauty Talk on Sundays at 8:00 pm GMT #brownbeautytalk by @brownbeautytalk
  5. Black Bloggers United on Thursday at 8:00pm EST #BBUchat  by @blackbloggersunited

Don’t forget to keep up with me on Twitter.

Have you ever participated in a twitter chat? If so leave a comment with your favorite twitter chats! Will you try twitter chats after reading this post? Leave a comment below!


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  1. Love your post! Didn’t know about Twitter chat. I’ll bookmark your post. I started my blog at the beginning of 2017. I find it hard to be fully present on every social media platforms. I am just missing hours in my days! Trying to figure it all.

    1. Thanks. Yes it can be overwhelming when you first start. Trying to participate in everything can take a lot of time. Just pick one chat and start with that one. Good luck.

  2. I haven’t joined any chat yet but I seem to be excited after trading your post.. We all need to be so digitally active to know more of our community and have discussions.

  3. I’ve been wanting to get back into twitter chats so this was a great reminder! It definitely helped my twitter stats when I used to do them.

  4. I had no idea about Twitter chat! I’m not that savvy on Twitter yet, but I’m going to check it out. I think it’s another great way to meet people.

  5. I love twitter chats .It’s the best way to interact and build up.your audience organically. I love how great twitter is.

  6. I’ve never heard of Twitter chat. But I imagine that you could spend hours doing that I’m still trying to figure out how to use Twitter. LOL!

  7. the twitter stats gives you feeling like participation in a anonymous Group Discussion .. You have the fun interacting with strangers and many time get new ideas too … agree with your point

  8. This is nice. But I admit am a type of person who is lazy to tweet. Unless the topic is something truly relatable that ignite my emotions. Maybe I’ll consider joining.

  9. I joined twitter chat few times but I forgot which one I joined. I remember I had a great time during the chat as we get to know other participants and their opinions on the topic we were in then.

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