Birmingham’s Southern Women’s Show

To tell you the truth I have never been to the Southerns Women’s Show! Every year I say I am going to go and mingle, and see the different exhibits, but never make it out! Yesterday, myself and some other local bloggers got a special behind the scenes look at this year’s show! I was excited for this opportunity to see what I have been missing and boy I was missing a lot. There are sooo many exhibitors and special guest appearances. Dates to attend will be from October 5 – 8 at Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex.

The show has several features this year! The Fashion & Entertainment Stage, will feature Lights. Camera. DANCE! Presented by Champion Latin and Ballroom,  On-Trend Fashions- Budget Minded Presented by Wink Mobile Boutique, and a special appearance from Savannah Chrisley from Chrisley Knows Best, on Saturday, October 7 at 1 p.m.

Also make sure to head out to the show on Friday night for Girl’s Night Out at  the  Fashion & Entertainment Stage! Here there will be a special show by the men of the Birmingham Fire Department at at 6 p.m.! Also make sure to buy their 2018 Calender’s for $20 to raise money for the American Cancer Society. Here’s a sneek peek of the cover, you can only imagine what inside!

Next, visit the Cooking Stage we you can watch local chefs cook up yummy dishes and then partake in tasty samples! I love to try new foods and learn new recipes. During yesterday preview  we were able to meet Linda Croley owner of Bare Naked Noodles. She prepared for us what she calls Alabama Ravioli and it was amazing! Also, all pasta is made from local ingredients provided by Alabama farmers. In addition to there already extensive menu, they also have veggie, vegan and even gluten free dishes as well!

After you’ve’ had your fill of tasty samples head over to the Spotlight Stage and check out Unclaimed Baggage ! It provides an important service to the airlines by buying unclaimed bags and re purposing the contents in the best way possible. I was able to get the opportunity to explore a suitcase that’s never been opened and so can you! Pop over to their vendor booth to enter the $500 giveaway and take a Instagram worthy pic inside a stack of luggage!

Also make sure to stop by  Aveda Institute of Birmingham  or the Salon 43 One booth to get a free braid hairstyle at their Braid Bars, how awesome is that!  And last but certainly not least, after you been all braided up visit the Happy Trails Photo Booth!  The Photo Booth is an re-designed 1957 Shasta camper. Painted blue and white and adorned with the classic Shasta silver! It’s the perfect place to have a mini photoshoot!


The Birmingham Southern Women’s Show hours are Thursday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m, Friday 10 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sunday 11 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Have you attended a Women’s Show in your area?? Leave a comment below!

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  1. *Immediately buys 50 firemen calendars* Because it’s for a good cause, of course. No other reason.. hahaha.
    We have an event similar to this in Australia called The Every Woman Expo. It’s such a great event, I always have a good time when I attend. I’m glad you did too. 🙂

    Christie’s Take on Life. xx

  2. I am really curious about this kind of events! Yours definitely seems to be worth assisting! I wish there were more of these in my area! In the meanwhile, I will have to keep on dreaming with posts like this!

  3. You had me with the firemen show!😂 This looks like fun so much to discover! For an exemple the undisclame bags! Poor people they must miss their bags? This show how important to leave a name tag with adresse on! But perhaps some didnt care about the stuff and just didnt come and take it with purpose.

  4. Seriously, I’ve always wanted to visit an unclaimed baggage center. I’ve read there’s plenty of great deals!

  5. How fun! I’d love to check out an event like that. Who knew there was an unclaimed baggage center? I bet there are some interesting finds there!

  6. Haha the firefighters are always a site for sore eyes. I don’t think I’ve heard of Toronto having a women’s show and if so I need to keep an eye out for the opportunity of attending. Your photos are great!

  7. I have never heard of purchasing unclaimed baggage and doing anything with it. I suppose they have a bit of it and need to find something to do with it. But it just seems so strange.

  8. The Birmingham’s Southern Women’s show sounds like a great event and looks like you had so much fun! I really liked Unclaimed baggage center as have never heard something like this before!

  9. Looks like a fun time and they really did a great job with the displays, decor, and variety of offerings on the stages. I really liked the unclaimed baggage set up, that was cute.

  10. I have not had the opportunity to attend a women’s show yet. However, based on your post, it looks like they are a ton of fun! I enjoyed reading your post.

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