31 Day Declutter Challenge Final Thoughts

Happy 1st day of November and Wild Wednesday! I’m back  to talk about my completion of the 31 Day Declutter Challenge.  I just want to start by saying thank you to everyone who participated and/or rooted me on in this challenge. 31 days is a long time to do any task for a continuous period of time. This made it that much harder towards the end and as we all know when you get tired of a routine, you usually quit. But with your encouragement and participation we all made it through. If you haven’t been following my journey for the past 31 days, don’t worry you can read my 31 Day Declutter Challenge initial post to catch up. You will also be able to watch me go through this process on my YouTube Channel.

As always I will tell the absolute truth about how things went and my final thoughts. So let’s get to it. As a recap I did use the Konmari and FlyLady method to complete this 31 day challenge. I just wanted to give you a couple of Pros and Cons, that I found while going through this challenge.

Here are the pros and cons of KonMari Method:


  1. With the KonMari Method, you would discard your clutter and organize your space thoroughly all at once. Decluttering this way gives you instant gratification  You will be able to see the fruits of your labor at once and you are more likely to keep your space clear. Which feels amazing.
  2. Sorting by category instead of by room is another pro of this method.  Gather all like items, from all areas of your home helps you easily identify items you have mutliples of and  items that bring you joy as she call it.
  3. So much joy. Konmari emphasis on keeping items that spark joy. This allows for you to always find peace and joy in your surrounding as you will love everything you own. You will have purged everything that doesn’t bring you joy, giving you a greater appreciation for what you have.


  1. Doesn’t work for all families. Marie Kondo wrote this book based on her life as a single women with no kids . Trying to declutter your entire home for a family or even a married couple could be hard to achieve. What sparks joy for one may not for another, leading to conflict. Family members make their own decision about their items, but can be a hard task when kids are involved. Not to mention your home will also be in a state of disarray for a while depending on how much stuff you have.
  2. Category sorting may not be completely efficient. As mention above if you have a large family going through a massive pile of clothes may become overwhelming fast. Unless there is a small amount of things in that category so the sum of everyone’s office supplies for example is more manageable to organize it may work out.  While this seems like the a great way of doing it, creating sub categories within categories may make it easier.
  3.  Only keep items that spark joy and get rid of everything else. While this statement means well it is not realistic. Tampons, bugs spray, my humira shots, etc don’t spark joy, but I must keep them, lol! Just a little humor, but it impossible as a adult to only keep thing that spark joy. The hard lessons of Adulting 101!

Here are the pros and cons of FlyLady Method:


  1. FlyLady doesn’t require cleaning your house in one full sweep, but take baby steps instead. Her main motto is It did not get dirty in a day and it will not get clean in one. If you get overwhelmed easy and need a much smoother transition to a clean home, this method would be great. She starts you off with 31 babysteps to ease you into her method. In fact your only task for the first day is to clean and shine your sink.
  2. Babysteps to a cleaner and more organized home. Your are introduced to this method by going through a series of babysteps. Each day you will have task to complete and as the day goes on she add a simple task to help you create a routine. This can be personalized for each family to meet their needs.
  3. Transitioning out of the babysteps to a full on cleaning and organizing routine is simple. This method continues on and can be used for years and changed to fit your family as it changes. Unlike the Konmari Method, this method it not a one time event, there are steps to maintain all the work you have achieved during the babystep, so you won’t revert.


  1. Target audience is moms who stay-at-home and/or home school. As a full-time working mother I did not feel the system was geared to help me maintain a clean and organized home while working. If you work outside the home you will have to modify the routine quite a bit to fit your needs.
  2. Too much information. While this method had great intentions, the method of delivery is soo overwhelming. You will eventually have a morning, afternoon, and night routine. 5 minute room rescue, (2) 2 min hotspot, 15 mins declutter sessions, which can lead to spending 3 or more hours cleaning each day! It can be more or less depending on how long it takes to do your routines. Not to mention the massive amounts of emails she sends you each day to remind you what to do!
  3.  Crazy stares from your family. When I first started this challenge it was hard for my family to understand why I was doing it. They were so use to living in a messy cluttered state that it had become the new norm. While my family was understanding after I explained what I wanted to accomplish, it will not be as smooth for all families, so expect some backlash. FlyLady touches briefly on this but only advises to keep doing what your doing and they will eventually fall inline, is not enough advice. If your family is truly against your efforts, I feel she needs to provide more tips on how to deal with this.

31 Day Declutter Challenge Final Thoughts

So that was my main list of pros and cons, while other my feel different those are my thoughts. I want to say that this process was very labor intensive and time consuming. Before deciding to do both methods at one time like I did be prepared to dedicate a lot of extra time to the process. Of course you don’t have to do it all like I did here, but I am the kind of person who would rather be inconvenienced for a short period of time to reap faster benefits. Day one for me was the toughest day, I waaasss so tired and overwhelmed, lol! As the day went on and on it got easier to purge and clean.

As I mention above my family was not too thrilled about this challenge as I was. While decluttering and getting rid of unused or loved items, they began to check daily for missing items, lol! I would often get approached about where is this and where is that. Although it was frustrating I knew I had to keep going. Since I would be the one who would eventually be left in the home after everyone is gone and living there lives, I have to make it my joyful space.

With that being said, I still wanted to keep things that bought them joy as well as to make living there just as great for them as it is for me. In addition to that now that I am almost done with this process, next come the hard part, renovations. I am looking into renovating each room and give it a fresh updated look. After 11 years, it is time. I hope you will continue to follow me on this journey, it will take some time as I am a single mother with limited funds. In closing again I want to say thanks for sticking with me for the last 31 days, and I hope you will join me on the journey of turning my house into a home!


What are your thought on the Konmari & FlyLady Method?

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  1. Wow, so first of all…congrats on cleaning/de-cluttering for 31 days straight! I think I’d prefer FlyLady’s method because cleaning everything at once sounds exhausting and I liked your joke about how tampons and bug spray don’t bring joy lol. I like the idea of keeping joyful items though, I can see myself incorporating that when I de-clutter. After 11 years I hope you get to make all your renovation dreams come true! Your kids may come back and barely recognize the place lol.

  2. I’ve never heard of these two methods before but it seems like it’s worth a shot! I only started decluttering late last year and this year and my… it’s been one hell of an eye opener for sure! I couldn’t believe the amount of clutter I had and the monetary value they represent (at the time of purchase). I hated looking at the pile of things I was throwing out or donating and thinking… I wasted all my money on this…

    Decluttering is something I love to do when I’m feeling bored or stressed out because I love the feeling it gives me. I sound like a drug addict, haha but I mean the feeling of something lifted off your shoulders. I really enjoy being able to see my home in a different light and not have things cluttering every space and corner.

    Congrats on completing your decluttering challenge and I only hope you grow from here!

  3. Great post.! I think I like the Fly Lady method. Even though I am not an at home mom, I feel that because I am not home all day baby steps are better for me so that I am not spending my entire evening after I get home from work cleaning and I still feel like I got something done.

  4. The Fly Lady Method is new to me although it reminds me of my mom’s cleaning methods a a child. She had me spray down the shower after each use. Clean the sink anytime I brushed my teeth. Other things to tidy up throughout the week, then Saturday was the big cleaning day before my weekend activities.

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