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Hello and happy Pre-Turkey Day! Although I am an avid reader as you know from these post here and here, I also love to binge watch movies and shows. I watch a load of different things from Crime Documentaries to horror to cooking shows. I thought it would be fun to share What I’m Watching! With the Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow, after you get finished eating and nursing your food baby you could cuddle up with a blanket and check out some of these shows.

What I’m Watching! 


I love Gordon Ramsey and Hell’s Kitchen is one of my favorite shows without a doubt.  But Masterchef Junior is an amazing show, I can’t believe how well the kids can cook, while I am still over here struggling at my age, lol!  I’m a little behind I am currently on Season 5 which was over this past May, but better late then never right!


This show is everything! I have been watching since the first season and the actors and writers are amazing! And this current season has not disappointed either. The season focuses on cults. It Depictions of true cults, including the Peoples Temple and the Manson Family, mirror the affairs of a fledgling Brookfield Heights extremist group comprised of individuals fed up with the political climate of the United States.


At first I was kind of skeptical about watching this show, but my friend promised me it was  worth watching, and boy was she right! Can I just say Cuba Gooding Jr is amazing in this role!! I am only on episode 4, but I can’t wait to binge watch the rest this weekend.


I know I am completely behind when it come to this show, but I have finally hopped on the band wagon, lol! This show was recommended to me soo many times and I am finally going to start the series this weekend. Hopefully it is as good as everyone claims! 


What shows are you watching? Leave me some recommendations below!


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  1. All three of these seem really exciting – I think the only one that I would watch is the cooking show because I have little ones. The other two are heart racers!! My favs are superhero movies (marvel) & sci-if, as it takes me to worlds of wonder and possibility.

  2. Yes yes , MASTERCHEF JUNIOR SEASON 5 is the one I am loving these days so much. Its really thrilling to see kids doing wonders and I tell my son to take inspiration from the lil ones!

  3. Oh my goodness, season 7 already for American Horror Story, I have only watched a few episodes of the first season. I completely lost track of watching them, I hope to start back up and catch up and continue watching. Stranger Things was great, both season 1 and 2. I don’t think I would bother watch a show about OJ Simpson, not sure it would interest me.

  4. Binge watched both seasons of Stranger Things with my family over the holiday season – we loved it! I like mystery, sci fi, comedy, and action movies and TV shows. I recommend Star Trek Discovery, The Flash, Death in Paradise (on Netflix), Murdoch Mysteries (also on Netflix), American Housewife.

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