What to Wear on Thanksgiving – Shop your Closet

Welcome to another Financial Friday’s! Today I am going to share how I save even more money during the holiday’s by shopping my closet. As someone with a strict clothing budget, I don’t spend my money frivolously. I always try to utilize what I already have in lue of purchasing new items. Trying to find what to wear on Thanksgiving the night before or day of can be a pain. A week before for that matter.  Start thinking about it earlier will help you have a stress free holiday! 

While it may seem like it is to soon to be thinking about what you are going to wear, this is the number one reason people are late, lol!  limited time with so many travel plans and different relative homes to visit. I usually don’t get all dressed up for Thanksgiving as that is not my style. But I go for a cute and comfy look instead. I have some outfits ideas you can create right from your closet. One less thing on your to-do list!

What to Wear on Thanksgiving

 Chucky Cardigan And Jeans

Everyone has at least one cardigan and a pair of jeans right? This the perfect  for a casual Thanksgiving with the family! The over sized loose cardigan is great for wrapping yourself up when you don’t want anyone seeing the dreaded food baby your rocking, lol! . Pair it with a loose tee/tank  and some comfy jeans, then add your favorite accessories like a necklace!  You can’t go wrong with this outfits!

 Cozy Sweater Dress

If you’re looking to be little more put together for Thanksgiving meal, but still want maximum comfort, the sweater dress is the perfect! I always find throwing on a dress, will always make you look chic and put together. The soft loose fabric will feel roomy and comfortable after you eat, so go ahead and have that second plate! Pair with some over-the-knee boots for a trendy and stylish ensemble.

I hope this helps you cross “What to Wear?” off your Thanksgiving to-do list!

Which outfit would you wear, leave a comment below!



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  1. Such cute suggestions! I have a horrible habit of shopping for every occasion when I have a closet full of barely worn outfits. I think I’ll go with chunky cardigan this year! Thanks for helping me make that decision!

  2. Ohh I love sweaterdress especially with that pair of boots you are wearing! So cute! One of the reason to love falls and winter are boots and cute knitted dresses!

  3. I wouldn’t wear any of them, but then again I’m a guy. lol. But I really do think you look amazing in that sweater dress and boots. And I would show this to my daughter to see what she thought.

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