How To Budget For Christmas

Welcome back to another Financial Friday’s, today we are going to talk about Christmas. Yes, Christmas, if you have not thought about your Christmas budget, now it the time. The holiday season is stressful enough without having to factor in how to pay for Christmas. Want to reduce the stress and breeze through Christmas then […]

Financial Friday’s: How to Travel on A Budget

Welcome to another Financial Friday! As you guys know one of my goals this year was to travel more. I know when your on a financial journey that can seem almost impossible!! I believe that traveling is something everyone should strive to make apart of their lives no matter their budget. So far, this year I […]

Financial Fridays: 5 Reasons You Need a Budget

Welcome to another installment of Financial Friday’s! Budgeting can become an overwhelming process. It can be as simple or as complex as you would like for it to be. But just like anything else you start you have to have a reason for starting. Reasons and/or Goals will help you keep in perspective why you started […]

How To Stop Living Paycheck To Paycheck!

Wow, I have been on a full blown budget for 2.5 months! Time sure is flying and I am slowly tackling my debt. I get a lot of questions about how I stopped living paycheck to paycheck in only 1.5 months.  Even though I work full-time I never had quite enough to cover my living expenses […]

How to Save Money with Spare Change!

Happy March 1st & Hump Day! Another month is gone, how time is flying. Last month was amazing, thanks so much for all your comment and encouraging words on My Personal Debt Story & How to Create budget post.  As I mention budgeting is going to be major part of my life in 2017. It […]

How To Create A Budget

Happy Hump Day! This week is almost over and it’s the last week of February! Where has the time gone? This is my third week on my new budget and everything seems to being going well! If you missed my last post, My Personal Debt Story, is discusses the start of my financial journey. Whether your […]

My Personal Debt Story

As you guys will recall I talked about my goals for 2017 in my New Year, Bigger Dreams post a couple of weeks ago. One those goals was to save more money, in order to start saving I must look back at my financial story. I was always good a saving money and finding great […]