Wild Wednesday’s: Weekend in Dahlonega, Georgia

Welcome back for Wild Wednesday! This week is a continuation of last week post about the Dahlonega Spa Resort , I talked about my experience at the resort along with the services they provide. While this weekend was a opportunity to recharge, I did get a change to get out and explore. Although Dahlonega is a […]

Wild Wednesday’s : Dahlonega Spa Resort Review

Welcome to another Wild Wednesday! This week I am sharing my Amazing Spa Weekend from last month! I have always wanted to go on a Spa Trip, so I treated myself to an amazing relaxing weekend at the Dahlonega Spa Resort in Dahlonega, Georgia! Of course since I am on a debt free journey my […]

Mane Monday: How to Choose the RIGHT Shampoo for Your Hair

Welcome to another Mane Monday! Today we are discussing Shampoos! Walking into a store to choose a shampoo can be overwhelming with so many available options. Choosing the right shampoo is a trial and error process. Depending on what your hair type, damage and weakness, choosing the wrong shampoo can damaged your hair even more.

Self-Care Sunday: 5 Benefits of Using a Face Mask

Welcome to Self-Care Sunday! In this addition we are going to discuss face masks. Face mask are a kind of skin care product that is applied to your face. It is considered one of the easiest ways to get healthy and supple skin within a few minutes. Because face masks are designed for different skin […]

Financial Friday’s: How to Travel on A Budget

Welcome to another Financial Friday! As you guys know one of my goals this year was to travel more. I know when your on a financial journey that can seem almost impossible!! I believe that traveling is something everyone should strive to make apart of their lives no matter their budget. So far, this year I […]

Self-Care Sunday: Perfect At Home Pedicure!

Welcome to another installment of Self-Care Sunday! Last week we talked about What’s in my Self-Care Toolkit . This week we are going to talk about the perfect at home pedicure. Getting your manicure and pedicure done regularly by a professional can become expensive. While I do get them done about once every month or two, […]

Financial Fridays: 5 Reasons You Need a Budget

Welcome to another installment of Financial Friday’s! Budgeting can become an overwhelming process. It can be as simple or as complex as you would like for it to be. But just like anything else you start you have to have a reason for starting. Reasons and/or Goals will help you keep in perspective why you started […]

Wild Wednesday’s : My Summer Reading List

Welcome to another Wild Wednesday’s, today I am going to share with you my summer reading list. I am an avid reader it is one my favorite pastime, besides watching movies. If you have read my post 5 Books to Snuggle Up & Read This Winter  &  My Self-Care ToolKit then you can tell how much I […]

Mane Monday: Creating A Custom Hair Regimen

Welcome back to Mane Monday! Last week we talked about How To Start a Healthy Hair Journey  and one of the steps to a healthy hair journey is to have plan. That plan is called a Hair Regimen and it consist of a  schedule of hair practices you will choose to adopt! While regimens can become […]

Self-Care Sunday: My Self-Care ToolKit

Welcome to the first installment of Self Care Sunday’s! I am excited to share this post with you guys! I have been doing what they are deeming to be “self-care Sunday” for years, it just never had a name, lol! Sunday’s are considered my time and my family knows it every man, women and child […]