How To Wear Layers Like A Pro!

Happy Monday! The start of this new week is exciting for me.  I will get to see how my 1st month of budgeting went and I will be celebrating my friend’s birthday in New Orleans this weekend. The only problem I am having is this crazy bipolar weather. Am I the only one who doesn’t know what to […]

How To Create A Budget

Happy Hump Day! This week is almost over and it’s the last week of February! Where has the time gone? This is my third week on my new budget and everything seems to being going well! If you missed my last post, My Personal Debt Story, is discusses the start of my financial journey. Whether your […]

Pussy Bow Shirt & Ruffle Skirt

Happy Monday & President’s day!  I hope everyone had an amazing weekend. I had a super busy weekend, work, exercising, guest and of course my newest obsession budgeting! If you are off today, lucky you, I am at the office working hard for my money, lol! If you have been following me for a while, […]

The Perfect Parka & Winter Sale Tips

Happy Friday! It has been a long week and it’s going to be an even longer weekend for me. I am working this weekend in an effort to help me on my debt free journey.  As usual Alabama has decided it wants to have some winter weather after all the nice weather we’ve been having […]

My Personal Debt Story

As you guys will recall I talked about my goals for 2017 in my New Year, Bigger Dreams post a couple of weeks ago. One those goals was to save more money, in order to start saving I must look back at my financial story. I was always good a saving money and finding great […]

Single on Valentine’s Day? No Worries!!

It’s that time of year again, the day we celebrate love! Cupid is shooting his love arrows and all is right is the world, NOT, lol! Not everyone is living the fairytail Valentines like we see on TV, some of us are single and ok with that. So I am newly divorced after being married for […]

How To Winter Whites

Happy Monday! It is a gloomy rainy day here in Alabama, so I thought I would brighten it up today with this winter white outfit. Winter white is a color that is hard to pull off; I also wanted to try it but didn’t have enough courage to actually do it. As you may know […]

Retro Queen- Francis Mini Dress

Happy Friday! Another work week gone and the weekend is ours to conquer. Planning to work on some blog post and record a couple of videos this weekend. I’ve been invited to a super bowel party I’m not huge football fan, but hey free food and friends can’t go wrong with that. If you’ve been following […]

How to Style Patterned Pants

Happy February 1st, tomorrow is my one month blogging anniversary and I have learned so much! I have actually connected with some amazing bloggers this month and looking forward to more connections and meetings in the future. Today we are talking about patterned pants. Many people love the idea and have even admired patterned pants, […]