The Perfect Pant Suit

Everyone needs a good pants suit in their closet. It is an essential for a any working professional. A good pants suit fits and flatter in all the right places, the sleeves and pants should be an appropriate length.  An ill fitting suit is just unacceptable in a professional setting. Therefore you must find the […]

Power of Music

Music is a powerful thing! It has been in existence for a long time, and has been continuously affecting people in different ways. Music possesses the power to influence people’s moods, it inspires uplifts, heals and soothes the soul creating a relaxed feeling.

Lazy Sunday Comfort

Happy Monday! This past weekend was so gloomy here. I was raining and thunder storming all weekend in Alabama. Today is going to be a little better, but still gloomy. Since Monday are always a drag after the weekend, I wanted to think back to the Sunday before last, when the weather was a perfect […]

New Year, Bigger Dreams!

A new year gives me 365 chances to work towards my dreams. Every year I dream of all the things I want to do, places to go and adventures to have! But, like most people I don’t always get to accomplish all of them. This year, I vow to not go another year without working toward […]

The 70’s Vibe Cream & Black Mini Dress

I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.  First let me start off by saying happy MLK day! It was an honor to have such a great man preach and speak love, in a time of such great hate. I thank Dr. King for […]

5 Reasons Your Hair Won’t Grow

Growing your hair can be rewarding and frustrating at the same time. I have been growing my hair since 2008 and I can say the struggle has been too real! LOL. While I’ve had some set-backs none of them have been major. Everyone wants beautiful long hair, but aren’t willing to do what it takes […]

5 Books to Snuggle Up & Read This Winter

Alabama was shut down due to the threat of snow, this past weekend.  As a result, I was able to work a half day and make it home before all the ice and sleet became too dangerous. Once home, I immediately put on my comfy pajamas, knee high socks and picked up a good book.